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Play-Along Tracks

Measures of Success for Band, Percussion Book 1

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Play-Along Tracks for Opus 1

 01. Opening Statement
 02. 1.1 First Note
 1.2 Four in a Row
 1.3 Second Note
 1.4 Four More.mp3
 1.5 Up and Down
 1.6 All Mixed Up
 1.7 Third Note's a Charm
 1.8 All Together
 1.9 What Goes Up
 1.10 Rhythm Rendezvous
 1.10a Stick Shift
 1.11 Going Places
 1.12 Countdown
 1.13 Turn Around
 1.14 Hot Cross Buns
 1.15 Here We Go!
 1.16 Au Claire de la Lune
 1.17 Mary Had a Little Lamb
 1.18 Mary Had a Cool Lamb
 1.19 Beat Street
 1.20 Duet Like This
 1.21 Climbing Higher
 1.22 Home Base
 1.23 Even Higher
 1.24 Down by the Station
 1.25 Some Folks Do
 1.26 Scaling the Wall
 1.27 Good King Wenceslas
 1.28 Stomp Rock
 Opus 1 Interpretation Station
 1.29 Go Tell Aunt Rhody
 1.30 Cuckoo Samba
 1.31 Lightly Row