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Piano Music by Valerie Roth Roubos

Symphony No. 5, Opus 67, First MovementIntermediateThe FJH Piano Ensemble SeriesTrio (Six Hands/One Piano)E1072
American Portrait: Scenes from the Great Plains, AnIntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1317
Picture This! Book 1Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1369
Picture This! Book 2IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1423
American Portrait: The Pacific Northwest, AnIntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1485
Picture This! Book 3IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1566
Tunes for a Rainy DayLate ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1595
Travel Tunes Late IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1597
American Portrait: The Oregon Trail, AnIntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH1627
Stories in Sound, Book 1 ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1686
Stories in Sound, Book 2Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH1687
Jump! Jive! Swing!IntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2088
Four Miniature SuitesElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2093
American Portrait: Views of the West, AnIntermediateComposers In FocusSoloFJH2118
Modern Expressions for PianoEarly AdvancedThe FJH Contemporary Keyboard EditionsSoloJ1030
Fractured Folk SongsElementaryThe FJH Piano Teaching LibrarySoloFJH2198
I Like Duets! Book 1ElementaryComposers In FocusDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2251
Four Miniature Suites, Book 2Late ElementaryComposers In FocusSoloFJH2250
Preludes for PianoEarly AdvancedComposers In FocusSoloFJH2317