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The FJH Pianist's Curriculum

On Stage!, Book 1

Christopher Goldston / edited by Helen Marlais

This book is part of the Intervallic Reading Series that focuses on reading intervals and patterns rather than note by note. Along with playing on the white keys, students will also play pieces on black keys utilizing a giant flat sign. This giant flat sign indicates that all notes on the staff are to be played as flats (on the black keys). A pencil icon at the top of each page highlights a beginning practice strategy such as blocking, identifying, and circling intervals. At the end of the book, there is an interval review where the student identifies which piece the interval examples are found in.

Series: Intervallic Reading Series Level: Early Elementary
Arranger:  Voicing: Solo
Instrument: Piano Format: Books
Editor: Helen Marlais Subject: Sight-Reading
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-558-5 Barcode: 674398219797