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Intervallic Reading Series

  FJH Pianist Curriculum Correlation Chart
Be A Star!, Book 1Costley, KevinEarly ElementarySoloFJH1568
Be A Star!, Book 2 Costley, KevinLate ElementarySoloFJH1581
On Stage!, Book 1 Goldston, ChristopherEarly ElementarySoloFJH1629
Be A Star!, Book 3Costley, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1678
Be A Star at Christmas!VariousCostley, KevinElementarySoloFJH1693
On Stage!, Book 2 Goldston, ChristopherElementarySoloFJH1708
On Stage!, Book 3Goldston, ChristopherEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1748
Be A Star! Hymns, Book 2VariousCostley, KevinLate ElementarySoloFJH2130
Be A Star! Hymns, Book 1VariousCostley, KevinEarly ElementarySoloFJH2086
Be A Star! Hymns, Book 3VariousCostley, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2306