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Robert D. McCashin

Robert D. McCashin

Robert D. McCashin, DMA, is Professor Emeritus and former Director of Orchestras and Professor of Conducting at James Madison University. He recently retired from academe after a 43-year career of conducting and applied string teaching at the college/university level. He earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in violin performance from Louisiana State University and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in conducting from the University of Arizona. He was awarded JMU’s Distinguished Teacher Award for the College of Visual and Performing Arts in 2015.

From 1992 through 2016, Dr. McCashin was Music Director for the JMU Symphony, Chamber Orchestra and Opera Orchestras, and taught all relevant orchestral conducting and academic courses within the MM and DMA orchestral conducting curricular core, as well as applied studio strings. Dr. McCashin, a violinist, has been a successful writer and arranger of educational publications, having now published nearly 80 works for the Grade I through V educational performance levels.

Prior to his position at James Madison University, Dr. McCashin served on the faculties of the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Wesleyan University. During his tenure in Texas he performed with the Fort Worth Symphony, Fort Worth Opera Orchestra, Wichita Falls Symphony, Gallery String Quartet, and the University Piano Trio, and performed extensively as a freelance violinist throughout the North Texas region. He was the founding conductor of the Arlington Youth Symphony, served as conductor for the Trinity Symphony and the Arlington Opera Association, and associate conductor of the Youth Orchestras of Greater Fort Worth. In addition, he maintained a substantial private violin studio of students at all levels. In addition to the publications he writes for The FJH Music Company Inc., he writes for other major publishers and the many compositions and arrangements he has written have become bestsellers and Editors’ Choice selections in the educational music arena. He is co-author of the popular string class methods, New Directions® for Strings and A Scale in Time, published by The FJH Music Company Inc. He also co-authored a popular collection of pieces for young string players, String Premiere.

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Helter-Skelter String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6001
Symphony No. 4 First MovementString OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6007
Slavonic Dance, Opus 46, No. 1 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6008
Egmont Overture String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6034
Cantabile from Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6040
Concerto in D Major First MovementString OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6042
Andante from Symphony No. 5 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6061
Dumfries Place String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6062
Carillon from L'arlesienne Suite No. 1 String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6063
Introduction and Allegro String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6064
Academic Festival Overture, Opus 80 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6080
Slavonic Dance, Opus 46, No. 8 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6082
Prelude to Te Deum String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6083
Sonata in G String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6084
Symphony No. 104 "London" First MovementString OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4.5ST6097
Marche Militaire in D Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6110
Danse Russe Trepak from The NutcrackerString OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2ST6129
Suite from Don Juan String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6130
Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished" First MovementString OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6131
Allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony No. 7String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6149
Variations on Paganini String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6150
Largo from Symphony No. 9, "From the New World"String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6153
Blue Danube, The String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6162
Themes from The Merry Widow String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6179
Little Suite for Strings String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6181
Russian Easter Overture String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6183
Sonata No. 8 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6184
Gymnopédie No. 1 String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6203
Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6213
Minuetto from Symphony No. 35 "Haffner" String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6216
Themes from Symphony No. 3 "Eroica" String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6220
Minuet from Petite Suite String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6229
Pizzicato Polka String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6239
Symphony No 2 in A Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6242
Two Scenes from Kinderstucke String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6246
Fandango! String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6260
Allegro Molto from Symphone No.1 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6264
Overture to Idomeneo String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6265
Concerto in C Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6271
Suite from the Magic Flute String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6282
To A Wild Rose String OrchestraFJH Beginning Strings1.5ST6293
Allegro from Sinfonia No. 6 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6315
Balletto String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6316
Suite for Strings String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6321
Lyric Pieces String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6324
Allegro Moderato String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6336
Allegretto from Symphony No 3 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6340
Pavane and Lesquercarde String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6344
Grave and Allegro String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5-4ST6348
Presto in D Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6367
Romance for Strings String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra5ST6370
Allegro from Concerto in D Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6374
Pavane and La Volta String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6394
Allegro con brio from Sym No 8 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6399
Presto from Sym No 1 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6400
Puicinella String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6414
Overture to Rienzi String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4.5ST6415
Menuetto From Symphony No 5 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6417
Allegro from Serenade No 1 in D String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6418
Concerto Grosso in D Major String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6439
Largo and Presto String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6441
Preludio to La Traviata String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6442
Symphony No 6 String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6443
Overture to Rob-Roy String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6463
Fingal's Cave String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5-4ST6465
Prelude to Die Miestersinger String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6467
Sinfonia in D Minor String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6468
Larghetto and Allegro from Sonata No. 4String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6491
Symphony No. 1 First MovementString OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6492
Overture from Suite No. 3 in D MajorString OrchestraFJH String Orchestra4ST6493
Album for the Young String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5ST6496
Suite from Carmen String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6497
Suite in D Major from Sonata a Quattro (WoO 4)String OrchestraFJH Developing Strings2.5 – 3ST6525
Passo Mezzo from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3.5ST6526
Polka from Czech Suite String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6538
Andante and Allegro from Symphony No. 10String OrchestraFJH String Orchestra3ST6541
New Directions® For Strings Book 2String OrchestraNew Directions® For StringsSB304
Scale in Time, A String OrchestraA Scale in TimeSB306
New Directions® For Strings Book 1String OrchestraNew Directions® For StringsSB303