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FJH String Orchestra

(Grade 3 and up) More emphasis on bow technique and independence of lines. For the accomplished middle, high school, college, or professional group.

Helter-SkelterMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6001
When Summer’s in the MeadowLongfield, Robert4ST6002
LegendDel Borgo, Elliot3ST6005
Symphony No. 4 First MovementSchumann, RobertMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6007
Slavonic Dance, Opus 46, No. 1Dvoˆrák, AntonínMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6008
Rockin’ Jammin’ Swingin’Newbold, Soon Hee3ST6018
Celtic RootsNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6019
Arabian DreamsNewbold, Soon Hee3.5ST6027
Blue-Fire FiddlerNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6028
Danse InfernaleDel Borgo, Elliot3ST6030
Egmont OvertureBeethoven, LudwigMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6034
Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerMarks, JohnnyMorales, Erik3.5ST6035
La CinquantaineGabriel-Marie, JeanApplebaum, Stan4ST6036
Rondo in BlueLongfield, Robert4ST6037
Cantabile from Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5Tchaikovsky, Peter IlyichMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6040
Journey of the Magi, TheVariousLongfield, Robert3ST6041
Russian RiddleBarrera, Jason3ST6047
Odyssey, TheNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6049
Best of the Ballet, TheVariousGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6050
Songs of the SouthFoster, Stephen C.Gruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6053
Canadian LegendCanadian Folk SongsDel Borgo, Elliot3ST6054
American Heritage Suite No. 1VariousLongfield, Robert3ST6059
Andante from Symphony No. 5Mendelssohn, FelixMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6061
Introduction and AllegroBoismortier, deMcCashin, Robert D.4ST6064
Pirate's Legend, ANewbold, Soon Hee3ST6067
Swing on a StringNorgaard, Martin3ST6071
Scenes from the Emerald IsleTraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6073
Postcards from RussiaRussian Folk TunesGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6078
Academic Festival Overture, Opus 80Brahms, JohannesMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6080
Slavonic Dance, Opus 46, No. 8Dvoˆrák, AntoninMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6082
Sonata in GTelemann, Georg PhilippMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6084
River SongSharp, Keith3.5ST6088
Bavarian RhapsodyShaffer, David3ST6090
Knight's Quest, ANewbold, Soon Hee3ST6094
Fantasía españolaNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6095
Symphony No. 104 "London" First MovementHaydn, Franz JosephMcCashin, Robert D.4.5ST6097
Novo cetvornoBulgarian Folk SongLipton, Bob4ST6099
Tudo bemLipton, Bob3.5ST6101
Themes from the New World SymphonyDvoˆrák, AntoninGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6102
Barber of Seville, The OvertureRossini, GioachinoGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6103
Styres' RallySafford, Alexander5ST6105
Marche Militaire in D MajorSchubert, FranzMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6110
Chase, TheShaffer, David3ST6111
American LandscapeNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6117
Egyptian LegacyNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6118
Stringin' the BluesNorgaard, Martin3.5ST6119
Themes from Symphony No. 7Beethoven, LudwigGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6121
ScheherazadeRimsky-Korsakov, NikolaiGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6124
Oregon TrailMoore, Larry3ST6125
Suite from Don JuanGluck, Christoph W.McCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6130
Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished" First MovementSchubert, FranzMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6131
Revelation's EdgeSafford, Alexander3.5ST6133
Point Lookout A Fantasy on Civil War SongsBalmages, Brian4.5ST6134
Fire DanceNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6137
Hero's Journey, ANewbold, Soon Hee3ST6138
RelicMorales, Erik3ST6143
EquuleusNewbold, Soon Hee3.5ST6145
Hansel and GretelHumperdinck, EngelbertGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6147
Marche SlavTchaikovsky, Pyotr IllyichGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6148
Allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony No. 7Beethoven, LudwigMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6149
Variations on PaganiniMcCashin, Robert D.4ST6150
Largo from Symphony No. 9, "From the New World"Dvoˆrák, AntoninMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6153
Irish LegendKerr, Robert4ST6155
To Tame the Raging RapidsBalmages, Brian3ST6158
Eine Kleine "Pop" MusikMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLongfield, Robert3ST6161
Phantom TangosBalmages, Brian4ST6168
North Star to Freedom In Honor of the Underground RailroadNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6170
PerseusNewbold, Soon Hee5ST6171
Allegro Moderato from Quintet, Opus 5Ewald, VictorLipton, Bob4ST6172
Ice SculpturesBalmages, Brian3ST6173
Basses LoadedGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6174
Pictures at an ExhibitionMussorgsky, ModestGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6175
Themes from The Merry WidowLehar, FranzMcCashin, Robert D.4ST6179
Carson Valley RhapsodyO'Neill, John4ST6182
Russian Easter OvertureRimsky-Korsakov, NikolaiMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6183
Sonata No. 8Corelli, ArcangeloMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6184
Danny BoyTraditionalMorales, Erik3ST6189
Lion CityNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6190
Sleeping Beauty WaltzTchaikovsky, PyotrSharp, Chris3ST6194
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46Grieg, EdvardGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6200
Overture to SemiramideRossini, GioachinoLipton, Bob3.5ST6201
Ghost CarnivalMorales, Erik3ST6202
Finale from Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6204
Der Heyser BulgarTraditionalLipton, Bob4ST6205
Red RhythmicoMosier, Kirt4ST6206
PavaneFaure, GabrielO'Neill, John3ST6207
Fantasy on a Chinese ThemeOsentowski, Francis4ST6211
American Folk Song SuiteTraditionalJarrett, Jack5ST6212
Overture to Ruslan and LyudmilaGlinka, Mikhail IvanovichMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6213
Red Iguana Rhumba, TheBernofsky, Lauren3ST6217
Themes from Symphony No. 3 "Eroica"Beethoven, LudwigMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6220
IditarodNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6221
Warrior LegacyNewbold, Soon Hee3ST6223
Minuet from Petite SuiteMcCashin, Robert D.5ST6229
Prelude to Act III of LohengrinGruselle, Carrie Lane5ST6230
What Dreams May ComeMorales, Erik3ST6231
Storm Chaser, TheLortz, Mark3ST6232
MeditationJarrett, Jack5-6ST6233
Bayou SelfMorris, Cathy3ST6234
Melrose AvenueCalifornia Guitar Trio, TheGruselle, Carrie Lane5ST6237
Pizzicato PolkaMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6239
Symphony No 2 in A MajorBoyece, WilliamMcCashin, Robert D.3ST6242
Overture to King ArthurPurcell, HenryGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6244
Nordic WaltzesTraditional SwedishLipton, Bob3ST6248
Overture and Bourree (from Il Pastor Fido)Handel, George FridericLipton, Bob4ST6249
Minor Case of the Birthday Blues, ABernofsky, Lauren3.5ST6251
DreamingBalmages, Brian4ST6256
Legend of the Phantom PiratesBalmages, Brian3.5ST6258
Allegro Molto from Symphone No.1Gounod, CharlesMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6264
Overture to IdomeneoMozart, Wolfgan AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D.4ST6265
Teddy Bear's PicnicBratton, John W.Lipton, Bob3ST6266
CordobaAlbéniz, IsaacLipton, Bob3ST6267
Mare TranquillitatisZare, Roger5ST6268
Venetian Serenade, ALa Plante, Pierre3ST6269
Themes from Romeo and JulietTchaikovsky, Pyotr I.Gruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6270
Concerto in C MajorTelemann, Georg PhilippMcCashin, Robert D.3.5ST6271
Heart of FireBernofsky, Lauren3ST6273
Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone)Irish Folk SongGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6275
ElegyJarrett, Jack5ST6278
Orion and the ScorpionNewbold, Soon Hee4.5ST6283
Watch Out!Morris, Cathy4ST6284
Possibilities…Balmages, Brian3ST6285
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YearMorales, Erik3.5-4ST6297
It Takes One to TangoBalmages, Brian3ST6299
FleckishMorris, Cathy3ST6300
Las PalmasLipton, Bob3ST6301
WiredBernofsky, Lauren3ST6302
Elsa's Procession to the CathedralWagner, RichardMoreno, Matthew5ST6303
Stars and Stripes Forever, TheSousa, John PhilipGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6307
March of the ToysHerbert, VictorLiptone, Bob4ST6308
Allegro BarbaroBartok, BelaLipton, Bob4ST6311
Queen of the Night's AriaMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLipton, Bob3.5ST6312
La sortijaO'Brien, Michael S.3ST6313
Lyric MetalBalmages, Brian5ST6314
Allegro from Sinfonia No. 6Bach, Johann ChristianMcCashin, Robert D4ST6315
BallettoRespighi, OttorinoMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6316
BagatelleBeethoven, LudwigGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6318
SicilienneFaure, GabrielleO'Neille, John3.5ST6319
Brazilian SpiceMorris, Cathy4ST6327
String Me AlongMorales, Erik3.5ST6330
Three Susato DancesSusato, TielmanOwens, William2ST6333
ScherzoZare, Roger5ST6334
Allegro ModeratoMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D4ST6336
Menuet and RigaudonRavel, MauriceGruselle, Carrie Lane5ST6337
L'estro armonicoVivaldi, AntonioLiptone, Bob4ST6338
The Last ChoraleBach, J.S.Lipton, Bob3ST6339
Allegretto from Symphony No 3Schubert, FranzMcCashin, Robert D3ST6340
Adagio and CanzonaLipton, Bob3.5ST6341
Dance of the TrollsForbes, Mike4.5ST6343
Voices in the ShadowsBalmages, Brian3ST6346
MinuettoBolzoni, GiovanniDietriche, Johannes3ST6347
Grave and AllegroTelemann, Georg PhilippMcCashin, Robert D3.5-4ST6348
Thing Under The Bed, TheBernofsky, Lauren3.5-4ST6350
WaltzDebussy, ClaudeMoreno, Matthew4ST6356
Silent NightGruber, Franz XavierMorales, Erik4ST6363
Allegro molto from Symphony No. 40Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusO'Neill, John4ST6364
Rhythm DancesBalmages, Brian4ST6366
Presto in D MajorHaydn, Franz JosephMcCashin, Robert D4ST6367
Overture to a Midsummer Night's DreamMendelssohn, FelixGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6368
Gladiator's GloryThomas, Chris3.5ST6369
Romance for StringsRachmaninoff, SergeiMcCashin, Robert D5ST6370
BebopLipton, Bob3.5ST6371
El GauchoLipton, Bob3ST6372
Fugue from L'estro ArmonicoVivaldi, A.Lipton, Bob4ST6373
Allegro from Concerto in D MajorAndersen, SigrMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6374
Danse MacabreSaint-Saens, CamilleGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6378
ShenandoahMorales, Erik3ST6383
Strings Cut LooseBalmages, Brian3ST6385
NocturneChopin, FredericLipton, Bob3ST6391
Toccata PrimaEberlin, Johan ErnstLipton, Bob3ST6392
Pavane and La VoltaByrd, WilliamMcCashin, Robert D3ST6394
Echoes of IrelandTraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6396
Good News!TraditionalGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6397
Allegro con brio from Sym No 8Dvorak, AntoninMcCashin, Robert D4ST6399
Presto from Sym No 1Haydn, Franz JosephMcCashin, Robert D4ST6400
Rainfall in VernazzaThomas, Chris3ST6405
Apple Seed in My BananaBernofsky, Lauren3ST6408
Blue MountainSafford, Alexander3ST6410
Moment for Peace, ABalmages, Brian5+ST6411
Urban Concerto GrossoBalmages, Brian5ST6412
PuicinellaStravinsky, IgorMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6414
Overture to RienziWagner, RichardMcCashin, Robert D4.5ST6415
Menuetto From Symphony No 5Schubert, FranzMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6417
Allegro from Serenade No 1 in DMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D3ST6418
Hungarian Rhapsody No 9Liszt, FranzGruselle, Carrie Lane4.5ST6420
Pinery Boy, TheGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6421
Themes from CarmenBizet, GeorgesGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6422
Allegro moderato from Symphony No 3Saint-Saens, CamilleMonday, Deborah Baker4ST6426
Solitary Wish, ABalmages, Brian3ST6427
10 Intonation Studies and ChoralesBalmages, BrianST6429
LegionaryThomas, Chris3ST6433
IntradaBalmages, Brian2ST6434
Overture from The Thieving MagpieRossini, GioachinoGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6436
Concerto Grosso in D MajorTelemann, Georg PhilippMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6439
Mother Goose SuiteRavel, MauriceGruselle, Carrie Lane5ST6440
Largo and PrestoBolsmortier, JosephMcCashin, Robert D3ST6441
Preludio to La TraviataVerdi, GiuseppeMcCashin, Robert D4ST6442
Symphony No 6Beethoven, LudwigMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6443
EchelonGriesinger, Kathryn3ST6444
Haunted Ballroom, TheThomas, Chris3.5ST6446
Grand CentralHirsch, Rick3ST6447
Second SuiteHolst, GustavMonday, Deborah Baker4ST6448
Sheehan's Pub BandThomas, Chris3ST6449
Hungarian Dance No. 1Brahms, JohannesGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6451
30,000 and ForeverBalmages, Brian4ST6456
Rise of the MajesticsSafford, Alexander4ST6461
Irish Junkyard JamBalmages, Brian4.5ST6462
Overture to Rob-RoyBerlioz, HectorMcCashin, Robert D4ST6463
Fingal's CaveMendelssohn, FelixMcCashin, Robert D3.5-4ST6465
Prelude to Die MiestersingerWagner, RichardMcCashin, Robert D4ST6467
Sinfonia in D MinorCannabich, ChristianMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6468
Long Way from Home, AAfrican American SpiritualGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6469
TrailblazeHirsch, Rick3.5ST6471
Struggle in the ShadowsBalmages, Brian3ST6474
DynastyGriesinger, Kathryn3ST6475
Autumn HarvestThomas, Chris3.5ST6484
Suite VersaillesBalmages, Brian3.5-4ST6486
Greater Than...Balmages, Brian1 - 3.5ST6488
Yuletide Reel, AtraditionalGiardiniere, David3.5.ST6490
Larghetto and Allegro from Sonata No. 4Handel, George FridericMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6491
Symphony No. 1 First MovementBeethoven, LudwigMcCashin, Robert D4ST6492
Overture from Suite No. 3 in D MajorBach, J.S.McCashin, Robert D4ST6493
Inner Planets , The Themes from Mercury, Venus and MarsHolst, GustavGruselle, Carrie Lane4ST6494
Suite from CarmenBizet, GeorgeMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6497
UrbanicityWhittington, R. Scott3ST6498
Hoedown ShowdownOostenbroek, Neridah3ST6500
Symphony No. 19Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGruselle, Carrie Lane3ST6501
Orient et Occident Grand MarchSaint-Saëns, CamilleMonday, Deborah Baker3.5ST6506
Baile de LilaThomas, Chris3ST6507
Beauty and Fire The Quest BeginsThomas, Chris3ST6510
Passo Mezzo from Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 1Respighi, OttorinoMcCashin, Robert D3.5ST6526
Oliverian Fantasy on a theme by Oliver BartelBalmages, Brian4ST6530
Night on Bald MountainMussorgsky, ModestGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5-4ST6531
Pride of the HighlandsLaBrie, Katie O’Hara3.5ST6533
Fire Within, TheBalmages, Brian6ST6534
Air for Buenos AiresThomas, Chris3ST6536
Polka from Czech SuiteDvořák, AntonínMcCashin, Robert D3ST6538
Carnival OvertureDvořák, AntonínGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5ST6539
Andante and Allegro from Symphony No. 10Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMcCashin, Robert D3ST6541
Visions of the SkySims, Adrian B.4ST6543
Rondeau from Abdelazer SuitePurcell, HenryMonday, Deborah Baker3ST6544
Themes from Rhapsody in BlueGershwin, GeorgeGruselle, Carrie Lane3.5 - 4ST6545
Angels Greet with Anthems Sweet What Child is This?TraditionalThomas, Chris4ST6547
All the ThingsBalmages, Brian4ST6549
Shadow DefendersLaBrie, Katie O’Hara3ST6552
ElementaNewbold, Soon Hee4ST6553