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Composers In Focus

A series of original piano collections celebrating the creative artistry of contemporary composers.

Animal SuiteStrickland, Judith R.Early IntermediateSoloFJH1524
Trip Through the Rainforest, ARossi, Wynn-AnneIntermediateSoloFJH1057
Impressions on Rock Bone Wood EarthMcLean, EdwinIntermediateSoloFJH1059
Little Mother Goose, AGreenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1062
Day in the Life of a Cat, ARossi, Wynn-AnneLate ElementarySoloFJH1063
American ScenesOlson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1070
Scenes from Around the WorldMatz, CarolEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1073
Rivers of America: A TributeMatz, CarolIntermediateSoloFJH1108
Student Favorites, Book 1Miller, CarolynEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1109
Showcase Solos, Book 1Olson, KevinLate ElementarySoloFJH1125
Showcase Solos, Book 2Olson, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1126
My Friends at the ZooMatz, CarolElementarySoloFJH1127
What I Did Last SummerOlson, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1129
Sounds Around Me, Book 1Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.Early ElementarySoloFJH1130
Sounds Around Me, Book 2Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1131
Spellng at the Piano: Improvisations Based on the Music AlphabetWerle, FrederickIntermediateSoloFJH1134
Alaskan Tour, AnRossi, Wynn-AnneLate IntermediateSoloFJH1143
Sonatina in ColorsOlson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1156
C is for Circus, Book 1Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.Early ElementarySoloFJH1160
C is for Circus, Book 2Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1161
Once There Was a BoyRossi, Wynn-AnneLate ElementarySoloFJH1165
Once There Was a GirlRossi, Wynn-AnneLate ElementarySoloFJH1177
Cyclone!Bober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1179
Day in the Life of a Dog, ARossi, Wynn-AnneEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1183
Lyric ExpressionsBrown, TimothyEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1186
Jazz Nocturnes, Volume OneMcLean, EdwinEarly AdvancedSoloFJH1190
Can You Imagine, Book 1Brown, TimothyEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1194
Student Favorites, Book 2Miller, CarolynEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1195
Seafaring Suite, AOlson, KevinEarly AdvancedDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1198
Dynamic Duets, Book 1Bober, MelodyIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1202
Standing OvationsBober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1215
Australia SuiteBernofsky, LaurenLate IntermediateSoloFJH1218
Can You Imagine, Book 2Brown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH1223
Tunes in TransitBober, MelodyLate IntermediateSoloFJH1225
Solos in Style, Book 1Bober, MelodyElementarySoloFJH1229
Images of SpainGarcia, W.T. SkyeIntermediateSoloFJH1232
Butterfly Garden, TheBrown, TimothyEarly ElementarySoloFJH1235
From the Emerald IsleBober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1237
Two to Play, Book 3 Leaf, MaryLate ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2149
Sonatina in SeasonsOlson, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1252
Please Feed the AnimalsPoe, John RobertLate ElementarySoloFJH1253
From Far Away PlacesBrown, TimothyEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1254
Fantastic Fingers, Book 1Goldston, ChristopherEarly ElementarySoloFJH1255
Dynamic Duets, Book 2Bober, MelodyIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1264
Hip, Hip, Hooray! I Can Play!Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.Early ElementarySoloFJH1268
Fantastic Fingers, Book 2Goldston, ChristopherElementarySoloFJH1275
At the Seashore, Volume 1Berr, BruceLate ElementarySoloFJH1276
At the Seashore, Volume 2Berr, BruceEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1277
Silhouettes for Piano, Volume 1Brown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH1279
Solo SouvenirsKarp, DavidLate ElementarySoloFJH1281
I'd Rather Be...Poe, John RobertEarly ElementarySoloFJH1284
Solos in Style, Book 2Bober, MelodyLate ElementarySoloFJH1285
My World in Motion, Book 1Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.Early ElementarySoloFJH1291
Celestial JourneyWarren, Lucy W.Late IntermediateSoloFJH1292
Surprising Solos, Book 1Rossi, Wynn-AnneElementarySoloFJH1295
Surprising Solos, Book 2Rossi, Wynn-AnneLate ElementarySoloFJH1296
Simply Silly!Olson, KevinEarly ElementarySoloFJH1300
My World in Motion, Book 2Greenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1306
Going BuggyLeaf, MaryEarly ElementarySoloFJH1310
Fantastic Fingers, Book 3Goldston, ChristopherLate ElementarySoloFJH1313
Impressions on ColorOlson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH2182
Miniatures, Book 3McLean, EdwinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2184
Lyric ScenesLeaf, MaryLate IntermediateSoloFJH2193
Look at Me!Costley, KevinElementarySoloFJH2222
American Portrait: Scenes from the Great Plains, AnRoubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH1317
Miniatures, Book 1McLean, EdwinElementarySoloFJH1318
Jazzy RagsBober, MelodyIntermediateSoloFJH1332
Just for Fun, Book 1Bober, MelodyLate ElementarySoloFJH1337
My First Recital Book, Volume 1Bober, MelodyEarly ElementarySoloFJH1343
Jazz Nocturnes, Volume TwoMcLean, EdwinEarly AdvancedSoloFJH1350
Look Who's Visiting in My GardenPoe, John RobertEarly ElementarySoloFJH1352
Be Cool - Play Jazz!Costley, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1359
Bird's-Eye View, AGreenleaf, Elizabeth W.ElementarySoloFJH1364
More Solo SouvenirsKarp, DavidEarly IntermediateFJH1368
Picture This! Book 1Roubos, Valerie RothLate ElementarySoloFJH1369
My First Recital Book, Volume 2Bober, MelodyEarly ElementarySoloFJH1395
Let's Go Solo!, Book 1Karp, DavidEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1396
Sonatina in FlightOlson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1402
Miniatures, Book 2McLean, EdwinLate ElementarySoloFJH1407
Join the ParadeStrickland, Judith R.Late ElementarySoloFJH1415
Sonatina of the Old WestOlson, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1418
Four Easy SonatinasStrickland, Judith R.Late ElementarySoloFJH1419
Picture This! Book 2Roubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH1423
Musical MoodsPulju, RebeccaIntermediateSoloFJH1426
Romantic PortraitsCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1430
Let's Go Solo!, Book 3Karp, DavidLate IntermediateSoloFJH1452
Signature SolosKarp, DavidEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1455
Magic Suite Strickland, Judith R.Early IntermediateSoloFJH1456
Let's Go Solo! Book 2Karp, DavidEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1467
I Love My PianoGarcia, W.T. SkyeElementarySoloFJH1471
Fantastic Fingers, Book 4Goldston, ChristopherIntermediateSoloFJH1476
All Aboard!Strickland, Judith R.Early IntermediateSoloFJH1477
Fantastic Fingers, Book 5Goldston, ChristopherLate IntermediateSoloFJH1478
SnapshotsCostley, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1480
Musical Collage, ALin, EmilieIntermediateSoloFJH1484
American Portrait: The Pacific Northwest, AnRoubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH1485
Hats Off to You!Bober, MelodyLate ElementarySoloFJH1487
More Romantic PortraitsCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1493
Best-Liked Solos Burkholder, ReedLate ElementarySoloFJH1523
Student Favorites, Book 3Miller, CarolynEarly IntermediateSoloFJH1525
Simply Silly DuetsOlson, Kevin and JuliaElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1549
Going BuggierLeaf, MaryElementarySoloFJH1561
Picture This! Book 3Roubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH1566
Travels for Two Costley, KevinIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1572
River Rhythms Olson, KevinLate IntermediateSoloFJH1582
Tunes for a Rainy DayRoubos, Valerie RothLate ElementarySoloFJH1595
Travel Tunes Roubos, Valerie RothLate IntermediateSoloFJH1597
Just for Fun, Book 2Bober, MelodyLate ElementarySoloFJH1598
Just for Fun, Elementary Bober, MelodyElementarySoloFJH1599
Musical Collage, Book 2, ALin, EmilieIntermediateSoloFJH1600
Solo-ettesKarp, DavidLate IntermediateSoloFJH1617
Student HitsMiller, CarolynIntermediateSoloFJH1618
American Portrait: The Oregon Trail, AnRoubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH1627
Watch Out! and Other SolosPulju, RebeccaIntermediateSoloFJH1628
Look What I Can Do! Burkholder, ReedElementarySoloFJH1634
All Creatures Great... But Small Bober, MelodyElementarySoloFJH1640
Winter Portraits Costley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH1644
Stories in Sound, Book 1 Roubos, Valerie RothElementarySoloFJH1686
Stories in Sound, Book 2Roubos, Valerie RothLate ElementarySoloFJH1687
Gumshoes Sifford, JasonIntermediateSoloFJH1696
Concerto Bravo Olson, KevinLate ElementaryDuo (Four Hands/Two Pianos)FJH1706
Little Butterfly Garden, TheBrown, TimothyPre-ReadingSoloFJH1709
Leaf Collection, Book 1, ALeaf, MaryElementarySoloFJH1713
In the Romantic StyleKomanetsky, AndreyIntermediateSoloFJH1735
Gems for Two Lau, NancyIntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH1750
Summer Portraits Costley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2020
In the CityLau, NancyEarly AdvancedSoloFJH2037
Impressions on a Theme by Beethoven Olson, KevinAdvancedDuo (Four Hands/Two Pianos)FJH2039
Easy Solo-ettesKarp, DavidElementarySoloFJH2040
Preludes in PatternsOlson, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2047
Leaf Collection, Book 2, ALeaf, MaryLate ElementarySoloFJH2049
Life Is GoodCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2141
Two to Play, Book 2Leaf, MaryLate ElementarySoloFJH2128
At the Zoo, Book 2Costley, KevinElementarySoloFJH2315
Seven Sonatinas in the Classical StyleKomanetsky, AndreyEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2085
Jump! Jive! Swing!Roubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH2088
Four Miniature SuitesRoubos, Valerie RothElementarySoloFJH2093
Leaf Collection, Book 3, ALeaf, MaryEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2094
Animals Around UsGreenleaf, Elizabeth W.Early ElementarySoloFJH2097
Scenes from my WindowHudelson, ClaudetteEarly ElementarySoloFJH2106
Spring PortraitsCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2107
Two To Play, Book 1Leaf, MaryEarly ElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2110
StoryvilleSifford, JasonElementarySoloFJH2113
American Portrait: Views of the West, AnRoubos, Valerie RothIntermediateSoloFJH2118
Autumn PortraitsCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2119
At the ZooCostley, KevinEarly ElementarySoloFJH2187
Pictures in SoundPearce, ElvinaLate ElementarySoloFJH2197
Twelve PreludesBrown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH2249
Creeps, TheSifford, JasonEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2260
Magical Forest, TheLau, NancyLate ElementarySoloFJH2109
I Like Duets! Book 1Roubos, Valerie RothElementaryDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2251
Earth and Sky, Book 1Leaf, MaryEarly ElementarySoloFJH2298
Four Miniature Suites, Book 2Roubos, Valerie RothLate ElementarySoloFJH2250
Two to Play, Book 4Leaf, MaryEarly IntermediateDuet (Four Hands/One Piano)FJH2220
Nocturnes in MinorCostello, JeanneIntermediateSoloFJH2307
Earth and Sky, Book 2Leaf, MaryElementarySoloFJH2309
Smoky Mountain MemoriesCostley, KevinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2252
Preludes for PianoRoubos, Valerie RothEarly AdvancedSoloFJH2317
More Lyric ScenesLeaf, MaryLate IntermediateSoloFJH2313
Ten Lyric WaltzesBrown, TimothyIntermediateSoloFJH2316
Vignettes, Book 1McLean, EdwinLate ElementarySoloFJH2319
World of Sights and Sounds, ACostello, JeanneEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2320
Emoji EtudesOill, ChristopherEarly ElementarySoloFJH2325
Dinosaurs!Leaf, MaryLate ElementarySoloFJH2322
Canyons and QuestsLeaf, MaryEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2327
Vignettes, Book 2McLean, EdwinEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2326
Sonatina of the SouthOlson, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2340
SuperpowersOill, ChristopherEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2339
Earth and Sky, Book 3Leaf, MaryEarly IntermediateSoloFJH2330
Indelible MomentsCostley, KevinIntermediateSoloFJH2332
Earth and Sky, Book 4Leaf, MaryIntermediateSoloFJH2331
Creepy CrittersBober, MelodyLate ElementarySoloFJH1184
Moments in Time, Book 1Leaf, MaryLate IntermediateSoloFJH2354
My Moving WorldCostley, KevinElementarySoloFJH2360
Dot-to-Dot AdventuresCostley, KevinElementary/Late ElementarySoloFJH2379